March 2018 – Message from the Chair

Greetings KLS Members,

This month we will be hearing from Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, a visiting professor at Berea College. Dr. Thomas is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and spent 6 years working as an organic chemist at Eli Lilly. Those of you who enjoy pharmaceutical chemistry won’t want to miss this event!
See you next week,


Don’t forget: The 41st Annual Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting is April 7th at UT-Martin.  Deadline to submit for oral or poster presentation is April 3rd.

February 2018 – Message from the Chair

Greetings KLS Members!

February may be the shortest month in the calendar, but there’s double the opportunity for you to meet and mingle with other chemistry enthusiasts this month!

For our regularly scheduled meeting, we’ll be hearing from Dr. Bikram Subedi, professor at Murray State University.  Dr. Subedi specializes in the development of analytical methods to analyze chemical contaminants in water and will discuss the application of these methods toward quantifying illicit drug use within communities.

The following week, on Tuesday February 27, an ACS “program-in-a-box” event Opiods: Fighting Addiction With Chemistry will take place.  This topic is incredibly timely, and the program promises to be engaging and informative.  Dr. Rebecca Brown will be hosting at WKTCC in Paducah, KY, and Drs. Abigail Shelton and Robbie Montgomery will be hosting at UTM in Martin, TN.  If you would like to attend, please contact one of them for more details.

Kind regards,

~ Dr. Genessa Smith, Chair

January 2018 – Message from the Chair

Greetings KLS Members! With the turning of the calendar from 2017 to 2018, we once again find ourselves in a new year of KLS programming and leadership. Please join me in welcoming Kevin Revell as our new chair-elect. Kevin is already hard at work planning the spring program—stay tuned for more details!

This month’s speaker—Dr. Kevin Miller—is one of our own and I know that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to come hear why he was selected for the 2017 KLS Outstanding Professional Member Award. Dr. Miller specializes in organic and polymer chemistry at Murray State University and will be talking about applications of dynamic bonds in polymers.

As we enter the new year, I’d especially like to encourage you to be proactive in your KLS involvement. Whether that looks like attending monthly meetings, participating in committee work, helping with the kids’ science centers, fostering interest in National Chemistry Week, or designing a completely new KLS activity—opportunities abound! If you are particularly ambitious, you can spearhead an application for up to $3,500 in ACS funding through the Innovative Project Grant program. Application deadlines occur twice yearly: January 18th and June 30th.

Best wishes for a wonderful start to 2018.

~Genessa, KLS Chair