APRIL 2022 Kentucky Lake Section Meeting

3D Printers: Enabling Tools for Chemical
Research and Education

Featuring Dr. Daniel Johnson, Murray State University

Thursday, April 14th 

at Murray State University
1212 Jesse D Jones Hall
Murray KY 42071

3D Printing WorkshoP 5–6pm
Undergraduate Poster Session 5:30–7PM
Dinner 6–7PM
Presentation (& KID’s Science Center) 7–8PM

Dinner Catered by The BUrrito Shack

Abstract: Over the past decade, three-dimensional printing (3DP) has become an important tool in technical contexts ranging from the hobbyist “maker” movement to construction and high-performance manufacturing.  Indeed, an exponential growth of papers that mention the use of 3DP illustrates a transformative potential for both chemical research and education.  The purpose of this presentation is to introduce chemists to various 3DP strategies and how they could be deployed in their work.  Different styles of 3DP will be described, along with their relative merits and the types of materials that can be printed.  Then, some applications of 3DP, both from the literature and our experiences at MSU, will be discussed.  Finally, some projects with a reverse perspective, i.e., where novel chemistries can broaden the application of 3DP, will be highlighted.

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