Happy New Year KLSers!

I’m excited to be serving as your chair again this year and we have some very exciting programming coming up in the next few months that I hope you will attend. We’ll start off remotely in January and have an excellent speaker from ORNL, Dr. Stephan Irle – we hope that everyone can join in! PLEASE encourage students and other professionals in our region to attend this meeting. Zoom meetings are not great and I hope that we can put these behind us in the near future, but participation is needed if we are going to continue to draw in speakers from outside of the region. Beyond January, we hope our meetings will be held in-person and that at least one of our discussions will involve an industrial speaker. Looking forward to April, we’ll have a special program at MSU on additive manufacturing (3D printing) and a poster session for undergraduates in the region to show off their research accomplishments…more details to come!! Please let me know if there is anything we can do as a section to be of assistance or if you have any ideas or suggestions for future programming. All the best to a successful and safe 2022!

Kevin Miller, 2022 KLS Chair

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