Kentucky Lake Section ACS Meeting
National Chemistry Week Demo Show

Live from UT Martin Brehm Hall
Virtually via Zoom

Thursday, October 21st, 2021
Dinner Outside @ 6:00 pm, Demo Show @ 7:00 pm

Dinner: BBQ Sandwich, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, & Chips
Dinner Price is $10 (Students $5)

Fast or Slow…. Chemistry Makes it Go!

It’s officially that delightful time of year when your students have learned enough chemistry to do demonstrations with fabulous flair and festive finesse!! 

Our local section National Chemistry Week events this year will be flexible.  We will host an in-person, masked chemistry demo show, with BBQ available in a separate room, with outdoor dining.  We will also be airing “live” from the room, and with the ability to broadcast videos submitted by folks unable to attend in person.  What I would love is to have each university SMACS chapter perform a demo (or five!), ideally in line with the theme “Fast or Slow… Chemistry Makes It Go!,” and always with safety and learning in mind. I also hope to encourage each SMACS chapter to challenge their professors to do some demos too — some friendly competition, if you will! Challenge your local scout chapters, high school science clubs, and STEM clubs to join in too – in-person, via zoom, or via the video submission! 

Please send me any videos no later than Wednesday October 20th, by 5pm so I have a little time to compile them. (If the video files are too large to send by email, consider using a dropbox or google drive link.) 

If you’d like some NCW swag for in-person events—mainly the NCW magazines and NCW stickers—send me your mailing address and how many magazines you need, and I’ll put them into the mail today! 

Abigail Shelton, NCW Coordinator 

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